SWMC Partners with Innova Emergency Medical Associates to Elevate Rural Emergency Healthcare

LIBERAL, KS – Southwest Medical Center (SWMC) is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Innova Emergency Medical Associates, a national group specializing in rural emergency healthcare. The Emergency Room (ER) department at SWMC will be led by a group of committed and highly-qualified physicians from Innova beginning in February, bringing in a new era of improved healthcare for Seward County and the surrounding region.

Innova Emergency Medical Associates, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Denver, brings a wealth of experience in delivering rural emergency and critical care services. The group serves hospitals across multiple states, including Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Michigan, and now, Kansas.

The switch from The Envision group, the previous emergency services provider, to Innova went smoothly without any issues. Amber Williams, the CEO of SWMC, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “Innova is uniquely focused on rural emergency medicine. They have a passion for rural healthcare, as well as national resources to bring in the best of the best. These are physicians who are dedicated to rural health and contributing to the communities they serve.”

Innova’s commitment to rural communities is highlighted by the fact that, while their physicians may travel to multiple hospitals, they aim to become integral members of the local communities they serve. The CEO of Innova, Ashley Williams, reaffirmed this dedication by saying, “We’re here to stay. We’re not temporary. We’re not filling in a gap. We’re here for the long term to partner with these hospitals.”

Innova will deploy a solid team of emergency medicine physicians to cover the SWMC Emergency Room on a full-time basis, ensuring continuous and specialized care. This strategic move is expected to significantly enhance the scope of emergency services provided to the community.

Ms. Williams, Innova’s CEO, emphasized the passion their physicians have for rural communities, noting that many of them, like her, come from small towns.

Southwest Medical Center and Innova Emergency Medical Associates look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on elevating the quality of emergency medical care in the region, reinforcing their shared commitment to the health and well-being of the local community.