Southwest Medical Center’s Southwest Sexual Assault Services team has partnered with the Liberal Area Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Center, Liberal Police Department, Seward County Sherriff’s Department and our local judicial system to create a comprehensive program to care for victims of sexual assault. This team – known as a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) – works together to provide a timely, sensitive response and the best service to victims of sexual assault in our region.

What is a SANE?

Southwest Sexual Assault Services involves trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE’s) at Southwest Medical Center to provide exams for victims of sexual assault. These SANE nurses have been through specialized training to provide a medical forensic examination, including a detailed physical and emotional assessment, written and photographic documentation, collection and management of forensic samples, and provide emotional support and resources.

For more details about care provided by Southwest Sexual Assault Services, please contact SWSAS program coordinator, Jandi Head, RN, at (620) 629-6442 or by e-mail at jhead@swmedcenter.com.

Resources for Patients:

SWSAS Examination & Treatment Care Guide


Southwest Sexual Assault Services is proud to be an agency of the Seward County United Way.