Why Secure Email?
Internet email, by itself, is not a secure form of communication. Internet email messages are sent in plain text, and can cross many different networks before reaching their destination. Because of this, it can be relatively easy for someone to intercept and read email messages as they travel across these networks. Since they are not secure, and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, regular Internet email should not be used to send private or sensitive information such as social security numbers, medical information, financial statements, etc.

How Secure Email Works
When the hospital sends you a secure email message, the message is encrypted and sent to a secure data center where it is held for you to retrieve. After it is received by the data center a notification is sent informing you that a secure email message is waiting to be retrieved. The notification email will contain a link to a secure web site. Click the link, log into the secure site, and you’ll be able to retrieve your message.

Create Your Account
The first time you use secure email you will be prompted to create an account. Enter your email address where prompted, and a password. You will be required to re-enter your password to confirm it, and then enter a Password Reminder Phrase to help you remember your password. Once you’ve entered the appropriate information, click the Submit Password button. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you’ve provided. Follow the directions in the confirmation email to complete the creation of your account.

Retrieving Secure Email
When the hospital sends you a secure email, a notification message will be sent through normal Internet email. Click the link provided in the notification and you will be taken to the log in screen where you will be prompted to enter the email address and password you provided during the creating of your account. Once you are logged in you will be able to view your secure messages.

Sending Secure Email
To send a secure email message to the hospital, click the Send Secure Email link below. You will be taken to the log in screen where you will be prompted to enter your email address and password. Once logged in, you can create a new secure email message by clicking the “Compose” tab.

Send Secure Email

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