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Our purpose at Southwest Medical Center is to provide quality healthcare at the lowest possible cost to patients. To assure quality service, the hospital must maintain a sound financial position. Southwest Medical Center is governed by Seward County; however, we do not receive tax monies for our support. Our only source of operating funds is the revenue we generate – that is why established payment policies are essential.

Will SWMC bill my insurance company?

Patients having Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross or other hospitalization insurance are expected to assign benefits to the hospital. This process authorizes your insurance company to send payments directly to SWMC. If benefits are not assigned, you will be asked to make a full payment at the time of service.

Patients who have hospitalization insurance, whether treated on an inpatient or outpatient basis, must provide proof-of-insurance for each hospital visit. Patients whose insurance cannot be verified will be asked to make a payment in full or make other payment arrangements at the time of service.

Some insurance policies require a deductible or co-payment for each hospital visit. When known, we will require you to pay that amount. If a patient provides complete information at registration, we will also file on secondary insurances.

In most instances, a new account is set up for each visit to the hospital. This allows your insurance to track any deductible and/or co-payments due from you. Itemized bills are sent to the patient/guarantor only upon request.

How and for which services will I be billed?

More than one type of charge will likely result from a hospital visit. It’s possible that the specialized skills of other physicians and professionals will be required. In these cases, you will receive separate billings for these services.

You may receive a separate bill from the following departments: Anesthesiology, Emergency Room, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, Operating Room, personal physician’s visit; as well as neurological, cardiac or pulmonary testing billed by the physician trained in interpreting your tests.

When you receive a hospital bill for services from these departments, it includes facility charges, equipment, support personnel and others. If you have questions regarding this billing statement, please call the number on the bill. The hospital does not maintain records from your physician’s statement.

How am I billed for laboratory charges?

The Southwest Medical Center Laboratory performs tests on specimens referred by many area physicians. You may receive a bill for these services ordered by your personal physician without having been to the hospital.

Who pays for routine check-ups and screening tests?

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will not pay for routine physical checkups. If you have screening tests, such as blood-sugar testing, pregnancy testing, TB testing or other types of screenings, your insurance may not pay. Questions concerning your coverage should be directed to your insurance carrier.

What is SWMC’s collection policy?

Although SWMC files your insurance claim, there’s no guarantee your own insurance company will accept responsibility for the payment. Due to differences in insurance benefits available, acceptance or rejection of claims by insurance companies varies. Payment for our services is the responsibility of the patient. SWMC extends credit for 30 days in return for your assignment of benefits. However, payment is due 30 days after your insurance has been filed.

 If insurance payments are not received within the allotted 30 days, you will be notified and asked to contact your insurance company and our Financial Counseling Department to make suitable payment arrangements.

A patient wishing to file his or her own insurance will be asked to pay all charges incurred at the time of service. SWMC completes hospital insurance claim forms for all patients if the patient 1) assigns all benefits to the hospital, or 2) pays the account in its entirety.

If acceptable short term payment arrangements cannot be negotiated and extended payment options are needed, SWMC has partnered with The Midland Group to offer lower monthly payment plans.*

The Midland Group – Toll Free:  (800) 595-7868

*interest and fees will apply

What if I am not covered by insurance?

If you do not have insurance coverage, you must pay a deposit against the estimated total cost. The estimated cost is based on the expected length of stay and type of care. The minimum deposit required for inpatients is $1,500. The deposit is due at the time of service and the balance of charges becomes due within 30 days of discharge from SWMC. If you receive elective inpatient or outpatient services, payment arrangements must be made prior to scheduling the service.

Treatment will not be refused in any emergency. However, just as treatment is the hospital’s obligation to the patient, likewise the patient has an obligation to see that the hospital is promptly paid.

What else should I know about financial concerns before admission to SWMC?

Many health insurance companies now require pre-admission certification, pre-authorization or a second medical opinion before providing benefits.

 The patient has the responsibility of assuring requirements are met prior to admission. SWMC cannot assume responsibility if you fail to follow your insurance company’s requirements. Failure to satisfy an insurance company’s requirements places full responsibility for payment of charges to the patient.

In addition, RN’s and physicians employed by insurance companies routinely review the medical need for all hospitalizations. Insurance companies will not pay for hospital stays they determine are not medically necessary and, subsequently, the patient becomes responsible for such charges.

Is financial assistance ever available through SWMC?

 While SWMC does not typically finance any hospital accounts, we are aware that occasionally circumstances require individual consideration. For information concerning financial assistance programs, the patient or member of the patient’s immediate family should contact a financial counselor at the hospital prior to or during the patient’s stay.

 SWMC also gives a portion of its services without charge to eligible perons who cannot afford to pay for care. To be eligible to receive uncompensated care, certain income requirements must be met. Proof of your household income will be required to help determine eligibility.

What other payment options do I have?

SWMC honors MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover Card, as well as debit cards, cash, checks and money orders. Payroll deductions are available for SWMC, National Beef and USD#480 employees.
Online payments are also accepted through our Patient Portal tool, once a user login has been created.

Payments may also be made to the hospital cashier located in the main lobby or by phone during our regular business hours at (855) 761-3552. Our Admissions department representatives are also able to receive payments after hours and during weekends at our ER Check-In Desk.

With your help, Southwest Medical Center can continue working to keep the cost of your visit as low as possible. Working together, we believe everyone benefits from finding the best possible method of payment available.

If you are interested in a custom estimate of your health care costs please request a quote below, or contact our Chargemaster at (620) 629-6892.




CMS 2019 IPPS Final Rule 1694-F Requirement

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