In partnership with the WesleyCare Telemedicine Network, Southwest Medical Center offers stroke
and neurology services to our community through telemedicine technology.

Using our telemedicine robot as a communication tool, we’re able to connect patients and physicians in our hospital with real-time, fully interactive consultations with highly-trained neurologists.

Telemedicine services provide our community with access to neurologists who can help determine the best treatment plan for our patients. In some cases, our telemedicine services may eliminate the need for transfer to a larger facility – providing patients in our community with quality healthcare close to home.


Stroke Care

When a person experiences a stroke, fast diagnosis and treatment has a lasting impact on their recovery and quality of life. That’s why Southwest Medical Center has integrated telemedicine, as well as an upgraded diagnostic imaging technology, into our stroke-readiness program.
Having 24/7 access to stroke-trained neurologists provides our patients and emergency room physicians with immediate access to specialists who can determine a course of treatment and decide whether a transfer to a larger facility is necessary for care.



Southwest Medical Center’s telemedicine neurology consultations are available for acute neurological conditions, including:

  • first-time seizure
  • status epilepticus
  • severe headache
  • neuro-muscular emergencies
  • subarachnoid hemorrage
  • altered mental status
  • sub-acute stroke