SWMC welcomes Elvis Kasi, CRNA to Surgery Team

LIBERAL, KS – Southwest Medical Center and Clinics are pleased to welcome Elvis Kasi, CRNA as the newest member of the surgical team.  Kasi is a nurse anesthetist who has joined the operating room staff providing anesthesia for surgery patients during their procedures.  Kasi joins Dr. Brandon Mack; Bruce Cook, CRNA; Bonnie Porter, CRNA, and the rest of the surgery staff at SWMC.

Kasi comes to Liberal from Iowa.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of North Dakota.  Once he attained his bachelors, Kasi chose to further his education and went on to receive his Master’s of Science in Nursing Anesthesia from the University of Iowa.

I was very excited to come to Southwest Kansas.  I’m eager to apply what I learned in school. I’ve always wanted to work in a small community and serve in a rural area.  I want to take care of patients and make a difference where there is a need,” states Kasi.

Kasi grew up in Cameroon, Africa.  In 2009, he moved to the United States after winning the diversity visa lottery.

I couldn’t believe it at first.  I was so excited because the chance of winning the visa lottery are slim to none!  To come to the United States from my county is not easy, so winning the lottery was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

For many years, Kasi was a Chemistry teacher in Africa, but upon his arrival in the United States, he changed his profession.

My dream was always to work in the medical field, but I didn’t have the opportunity back home. Financially it was very hard.  Once I was given the opportunity to move here, I immediately enrolled in school.  My goal was to work very hard and eventually become a CRNA,” said Kasi.

Kasi says this inspiration and drive comes from his grandmother.

In Cameroon, you had to walk 8 hours to get to the nearest hospital.  Because of that, every community has an herbalist.  My grandma was the herbalist and helped many sick people.  Since I was a little boy, I always helped her treat patients.  I wanted to follow her footsteps and help cure sick people,” stated Kasi.

Kasi shares that what he most enjoys about being a member of the Southwest Medical Center family is being able to support patients and their families through unpredictable times by helping to make the process as painless and comfortable as possible.