Southwest Medical Center is proud to announce the arrival of family medicine physician, Dr. Van Trinh, back to the Liberal community.

Dr. Trinh grew up in Liberal, and explains that a number of life experiences drew her into the medical profession with a focus on returning to Southwest Kansas.Dr. Trinh

“I was born in Vietnam and moved to Liberal when I was 9 years old. Originally my whole family moved to California, and for two years we lived there while my parents struggled to find jobs,” Trinh explained. “They knew a family friend here in Liberal who worked at National Beef, so my dad decided to relocate us.”

Dr. Trinh’s parents both worked jobs at National Beef while raising their family. Trinh graduated from Liberal High School in 2001 before moving on to complete dual-major undergraduate studies in Human Biology and Cytotechnology at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Dr. Trinh said her passion for medicine grew through her undergraduate studies.

“I was actually named after a very famous physician in Vietnam. It was my dad’s dream for me to become a doctor,” Trinh said. “Once I got into human biology, I became very interested in the study. I shadowed a lot of doctors and did a lot of research on my own and fell in love with it from there – that’s when it became my dream as well.”

Following the death of her father in 2004, Dr. Trinh said returning to Liberal to serve patients became her focus after the Liberal community pulled together to support her family. She decided to enter her career as a family medicine physician during her residency.

“Both my parents had medical problems, and as a patient the first physician you visit is in primary care. Primary care providers solve the first piece of the puzzle and can guide and refer you on to specialty physicians,” Trinh said. “One thing that I want my patients to know is I genuinely care about them. I see them as if I’m treating my own family member. I ask myself, ‘how would I want my parents to be treated in a physician’s office?’”

Dr. Trinh finished medical school and her family medicine residency through the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kan. She says choosing to practice at Southwest Medical Center was influenced by her experiences over the years.

“My older brother Khai was an RN here for seven years, and he had a great experience. I’ve shadowed Dr. Lucero and Dr. Fitzgerald, who both brought me in and introduced me to everyone,” she said. “You feel very comfortable in this hospital’s environment with the atmosphere and the staff here.”

Dr. Trinh has moved back to Liberal with her new husband, Andy Phan, who will be working as the pharmacy manager at Liberal’s new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market.

Dr. Trinh will be located inside the Southwest Professional Physicians Primary Care clinic at 305 W. 15th St., Suite 102 inside the Physician Office Building at Southwest Medical Center with nurse practitioner Laura Kane. Dr. Trinh accepts most insurance plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, and Kansas and Oklahoma Medicaid. To make an appointment with Dr. Trinh, please contact (620) 624-0702.