What is a patient ID Card?IDCard
Southwest Medical Center began offering a SWMC patient identification card, on April 3, 2006, to those who are registering with our Admissions Department. The front side of the card shows your picture, sex, patient identification number, and the ID card’s issue and expiration dates. The back side shows the hospital logo and return address of the hospital should the card ever be lost or stolen.

What about your right to privacy?
No information on the card is a privacy risk. The sole use of the card is for quick and accurate identification of those who receive services at Southwest Medical Center.

How does it benefit you?
This card eliminates the need for you to present three forms of identification when you make a repeat visit for service to Southwest Medical Center. This SWMC patient ID card also helps speed up the admissions process.

What do I need to register?
If you have not already been issued a SWMC patient ID card, you will need to bring three forms of identification with you when you register with our Admissions Department. One must be a photo ID, preferably a driver’s license, or government issued ID.

If you already have a patient ID card, you will still need to bring your current insurance information and/or insurance card.